Why I loved ‘Love per Square Feet’

While we still get movies where youngsters are still going behind “the one”, making fun of parents and ganging with friends to while away time which is not happening MUCH like before, a movie where 2 young bloods from different angled lives who are fast , smart enough to handle their own life are deciding to get their own homes by seeing an advertisement in a newspaper.

Still many movies project that women and men are considering LOVE as their important part of “youth life” which is obviously not true. Even youngsters are way mature than their parents.


One good example is this movie. Though this movie was shot in Mumbai, other states could also relate because everybody is running out of time to get their own home.

A man (Sanjay Chaturvedi) who will even marry a stranger to get a 550 sq ft house and a girl (Karina D’ Souza) who wants to stand on her own feet work in the same tower but in different floors.
The process of an INDIAN WEDDING is love- wedding- getting a house.

But everything happens ULTA in this movie and how those two handle.

This can be watched as many times as possible. Such a “feel good” movie and it deals with many trivial issues youngsters face in this generation. It may sound silly but these petty issues make people to take important decisions.

Every supporting character got their own share of the pie and they enhanced the movie.

Romance can be handled with maturity is well explained in this movie.