Why I loved Pariyerum Perumal

There are a few movies which are not only enjoyable but hits you hard and stays with you forever. Call them a cult, call them classics or masterpiece whatever you want and that’s Pariyerum Perumal for me!

Pariyerum Perumal is the voice of the director, Maari Selvaraj who beautifully portraits the sad hard-hitting truth about the caste discrimination and inequality that exists in our society.

Also, there will be certain sequences about “Honour killing” and the explanation given by the man who does that will hit you hard.

This movie somehow pushes you into the shoes of Pariyan, and you will cry when he cries, you will laugh when he laughs. Such is the impact of the movie.

To handle a script like this, the director must have special skills and no doubts, Mari who was an associate of director Ram must have earned the skills from him.

To talk about the actors, Kathir once again proves that he is the director’s actor. He keeps improving with every single movie and gives only the best or even better every time. He deserves a standing ovation for taking up roles like this consistently and for performing them with ease.

‘Kayal’ fame Anandhi, though struggles at the beginning, does well as the movie progresses. As usual Yogi Babu gets the loudest cheer with his dialogue delivery and is natural with his lines.

The movie’s strength is its entire crew. Santhosh Narayanan gives another dimension to the movie. The best part is he leaves the folk numbers as it is, unadulterated. It’s raw and hits hard. Mixed with Sridhar’s striking visuals, and Selva’s fantastic edits, SaNa has made the movie look intense with his music. Kudos to Pa. Ranjith for producing this masterpiece!

Despite the fact that the movie’s message is always in the background, it doesn’t make us feel boring at all.

This probably is one of the masterpiece movies of this year and delivers an important message, but the irony is that the movie has got only a limited number of screens. Well, that’s the trend nowadays, isn’t?

Yes, the movie lives with you, and what makes it all more depressing and disturbing is that there’s nothing fictional (at least most of it is not) and everything that’s told here happened earlier/ continues to happen in our country fictional (at least most of it is not) and everything that’s told here happened earlier/ continues to happen in our country.