Why is Nathan Lyon nicknamed Garry?

It is a well-known fact that the Australian spinner Lyon is nicknamed as Garry and Gazza. The cricket fans would have caught the captain Tim Paine shouting behind the stumps as ‘Nice, Gazza’ every time Lyon bowls.

Ever wondered why?

Well, it was Matthew Wade who started the trend. It was during the Test match between Australia and South Africa where Wade started yelling ‘Nice, Garry!’ for every single delivery Lyon bowled. It suddenly caught the eyes of the fans and thus the internet trend started. There were T-shirts, shoes with ‘Nice, Garry!’ printed on it.

“It’s brilliant. I’ve now got little kids and guys older than my dad walking around the streets calling (out) ‘Nice Garry’,” Lyon said. “It’s a little bit different. I’m enjoying it.”

Garry Lyon is actually AFL legend, now broadcaster but now, Garry is associated with Nathan Lyon.

The original Garry Lyon

However, when Tim Paine made it to the team, he found it difficult to use ‘Garry’ because it wasn’t coming to him naturally. Lyon even gave Paine private classes for the same but Paine couldn’t pick it up. Thus, he came up with Gazza Which is actually a nickname to the nickname Garry.

“He (Lyon) is trying to (make me say it). He’s got some deal on the side I think,” Paine joked in 2017. “I don’t think I will (say it). It doesn’t come naturally to me — I tried it yesterday.”

Lyon who was very keen to make Paine catch the nickname, said: “I sat him down. He’s working on it. I know he’s been in his room working on it.”

Lyon however won the battle as Paine came up with ‘Bowled Gazza’.