(This is just something I witnessed. Just my perspective. Just a ‘maybe’ kind of thought.)

Gone is the Test series where nobody except Kohli did well. Also, gone is the full packed South African team.

The first three ODIs went India’s way majorly because the hosts had to fight injury woes. They lost their main players, and a rookie who played just two ODIs was made the captain of the side.

The spineless bowling attack was still able to rattle Rohit. He, literally, became Rabada’s bunny this year.

Poor technique:

Talking about his test match dismissals what I felt was the defensive technique was missing from Rohit. Despite poor foot movements his major part of the innings also saw the poor shot selection. He doesn’t have to try and hit every single ball onside. Believe me, he is a better offside player than this. Plus, one of the best players to play that pull shot, but here at South Africa, the conditions are different. Unlike the Indian pitch, the ball will travel quick, and will not come to the bat. Players need to adjust their timing in order to get going. Which Kohli did very well.


Look at Kohli’s innings that’s an example of how to build an innings in South Africa. Something Sachin showed us when players like Sehwag failed.


In this screenshot, Look how Kohli plays on the back foot for a pull shot.

Firstly, Sehwag also had the same techniques and foot movement like Rohit that made him fail in South Africa.

Rohit Sharma will certainly be aware of where he fails. He is one of the current limited-overs specialists and I’m sure he will bounce back soon. Maybe very soon.

What he has to do to bounce back?

I’m certainly not an expert, but I feel that Rohit needs to play more on the back foot. When he does that, he will be able to connect the pull shot/hook better.

As a big Rohit fan, I cannot wait to watch him go big soon! Believe me, he will be back soon.