Why Watson?

He was not batting but throwing his life out there. He was bleeding. He was giving it all he had. Yet he didn’t tell anyone, yet he made sure to keep going. Was he trying to prove us wrong for writing him off?
Was he trying to give it back to Dhoni for backing him?
Was he trying to give it back to the people who loved him?

Maybe yes. Maybe not.
Maybe he was fighting with himself. Maybe he was trying to battle out the inner demons that were telling him how poor he batted this IPL. How poor he was timing the shot initially that day and how lucky he was to survive multiple times. Poor because he is a match winner, he plays better than this.

Hey, he is an Australian, a Thunder, a Gladiator. They never give up, do they?
He was running hard, diving to get back to the crease. He was making sure not to show the pain out because he wanted to win that’s what champions do, right?
Unfortunately, he couldn’t. Unfortunately, he ended up on the other side but hey, he tried. He tried till the last over, till he could. What if he had told others about it, Jadeja about it. Did he know?
What if he didn’t take the second run and got himself out. Things would have been different. Unfortunately, it isn’t but what he has done is, he has shown us all how much he loves the sport, how much he loves to win, it is all his choice but all he knows is winning. All he knows is playing the game. He played it despite the injury. He almost really won it.