You are a warrior, Jadeja!

India was dying. The team literally was undergoing trauma. Was it because they were playing a knockout game? Was it because they wanted to over-do? Maybe both. Maybe it is not. Dhoni walked in. He didn’t want it to make it his final outing. Hey, he isn’t the old Dhoni anymore (which is hard to accept but the stats says so). He alone cannot pull off wonders without someone batting at the other end. Who else can it be than his man Jadeja?

Over the years, nobody backed Jadeja more than Dhoni did. Jadeja was criticised for the opportunities he was given. He wasn’t considered as the match-winner by many. The latest criticism was he was a “bits and pieces” player. When Jadeja walked out, was he thinking about it all? or was he trying to make sure that it doesn’t Dhoni’s last match? Hey, he is the swordsman. He is the saviour of the Dhoni land. He has done it. Again. And again for CSK and nothing would stop him from doing it here as well.

He knew it takes a lot to pull a win off from nowhere but he wanted to do it. Equally, he wanted to win it for Dhoni, who is his captain, friend, master.

Warriors don’t go down easily.
They fight.
Till the end.
You were a warrior.
You picked up your sword.
Fought till the end.
Till you can.
Till you were killed.
You were a warrior.
A fighter.
You made your master proud.
You made your country proud.
You made your people proud.
You will be remembered.
Remembered for not bending down before your enemy.
Remembered for teaching us to hold on.
Remembered for the fight.
You are a warrior.