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You are letting the team down: Kohli to RCB members on breaching bio-bubble protocol

Due to coronavirus pandemic, cricket is not the same. The players are undergoing regular tests and they are living in a bio-bubble where they will not be allowed to get in touch with the outside. Breaching the protocol will lead to severe action.

Again, due to coronavirus pandemic, the team meetings are happening virtually. In Royal Challengers Bangalore’s first team meet since they have landed on Dubai, Virat Kohli and Mike Hesson spoke regarding the bio-bubble protocol.

“We have followed what’s been told to us and I would expect everyone to be on the same page in terms of securing the bubble at all times and making sure that nothing is compromised. Because I think one mistake by anyone of us could literally spoil the whole tournament.

“And none of us want to do that. We have to understand that we need to protect the bubble. I can’t wait to get to our first practice session, something that we all are going to cherish. An opportunity to create a good team culture from Day 1,” Kohli said.

“For me, it’s all about what can I do to create an environment where everyone feels a part of the team equally and everyone feels responsible for where we want to go equally. And all of us have to do our part to do that, especially the seniors,” he added.

”If there is a breach of bubble, and it is a wilful issue, then it becomes a contractual issue between the player and RCB. It will be dealt with seriously,” Hesson briefed.

“For accidental breach, players will be removed and sent into isolation for seven days and then come back only after he tests negative to be allowed to be back in bubble again. There will be strong consequences if players chose to do that (violate protocols). Players will sign a document that explains the consequences,” he added.

Kohli further said that a player getting in such a situation will be letting the entire team down.“If someone ends up in situation like this, for me that’s letting the whole team down. It might happen in a situation where the team cannot afford to lose the player.

“And if he does so, and we get harmed by it, the whole team, the whole system, the whole culture loses. I wanted to talk about it so that everyone understands the repercussions that might take place if we violate any of the rules,” he said.

IPL will take place in the UAE and will begin from September 19th. The players who are currently under quarantine will be allowed to practice after seven days.

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