Yours Shamefully-The Review

I don’t want to draft about the story of this short film as it has to be experienced visually not by a blog. It opens in an annoying way, making us think, “Why the hell did we decide to watch it?” but you definitely have to watch because it clearly portrays how hell is going to be here on.

Neatly directed by Vignesh Karthick and the story was downright awkward to imagine such things to happen and it is purely imaginary indeed. Cast was perfect and subtility is at its best. No overpowering emotions and was cleanly executed by all of them.

“Raise your voice for all the injustice that is happening to you, if not you will indulge in hell” is one of the messages conveyed in this short film.
If this movie changes few people, then it is a victory to both Vignesh Karthick and mankind.

Thank you Vignesh Karthick for your “out of the box” way of processing new thoughts and visually explaining it to us.