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350 police officers in quarantine to make up August 15 guard of honor

India will be celebrating the Independence Day on August 15th and there will be celebrations, guard of honor despite the corona virus lock-down.

More than 350 officers will be taking part in the guard of honor which will be attended by other officials as well including PM Modi.

In order to prevent the coronavirus spread, the officers are currently in quarantine in Delhi cantonment which is newly built and largely empty. Officers from the rank of a constable to the deputy commissioner of police (DCP), are already here. 

Special Commissioner of Police Robin Hibu, who is overseeing the arrangements, confirmed that the officers are in quarantine but did not wish to share more details citing security reasons.

Dr Amit Tyagi, chief medical officer of the city police’s Police Training College (PTC), said this was a necessary step.

“Police personnel come from different places. Some even live outside the state and travel to work daily using public transport. Some live in barracks at the police stations. One could catch the infection anywhere. Getting them in an isolated safe place is the best for all those present that day,” he said.

The officers are not allowed to make physical contact with the outside world, their temperatures are checked regularly and they were asked to follow all the coronavirus prevention methods in order to stay away from the virus.

The quarantine will gradually end on August 15th.

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