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Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Day 15, Written Updates

Sanam – Suresh clash with each other over a misinterpreted comment. Sanam seems to have told the cleaning team that if Suresh is not able to wash his clothes due to his back problem why does he bother to cleaning the bathroom as part of the chore to Gaby and Rio (caption of the week). Aari helped washing Suresh’s clothes then. When Suresh shared this issue to Bala and Aajeedh. Bala considers this as a heartless thing to do. Sanam, being the captain of cleaning team, has all the privilege to tell Suresh and get work from him. Suresh doesn’t want to be bothered for his personal affairs. Then, Sanam fist bumps with Suresh to become friends after Suresh explains how as a aged person he doesn’t want others to help him out and doesn’t want to be a vegetable.

Gaby tells this to Suresh that Sanam finds Suresh’s reason contradictory as he cleans bathroom but couldn’t wash his clothes. Rio and others tell Sanam that it’s his personal affair. Suresh finds Sanam’s comment offending and intruding and says to her face that she is doing things only to make problems. Sanam finds this animosity intolerable within the same team and tries to sort this problem in front of Rio, the captain. She finds that it’s Gaby who has talked behind her back to Suresh. Rio tells Sanam that Suresh won’t cause problems with work but it’s better not to interfere with his personal affairs.

First day of the week has eviction nomination as part of the daily task. Aari, Aajeedh, Suresh, Bala, Anitha are nominated for this week. Rio cant be nominated as he is this week’s captain. Sanam and Velmurugan couldn’t be nominated as they won a daily task last week which saves them from this week’s nomination. Archana can’t nominated as this is her first week of the competition. Aari is named for his unsolicited advices and he doesn’t seem to practise any of his advice and be the role model. Aajeedh has an eviction pass which he can use only once and housemates are trying to make him use it. Suresh is named for his nature to cause fights and problems win his presence. Anitha is nominated for her short-temper.

As part of the daily task, they play truth or dare. The contestants who are nominated for this week’s eviction are have to ask people who aren’t nominated to play it. In the event of it, Most of them name Velmurugan for his nature to be silent and stands away from any problem. Vel loses it and begins to raise his voice against the people who all named him. He says he doesn’t understand his part of problem as he was never the cause of any. Archana and others try to calm him down. Rio loses it in the middle as he questioned Suresh and other nominated housemates why only contestants who aren’t nominated playing this game. They re-read Bigg Boss rule book and Rio loses his cool. The 5 of the nominees discuss and give the truth or dare tasks to the 11 others. But they also accuse Anitha for not being part of it. Many interesting segments happen in this truth or dare game. Nisha is interesting. Archana will really make a headturner.

After the event, they go over the issues what caused the problems with Vel. Even when they were consoling Vel, Anitha kept trying to make a point but she wasn’t given the chance to speak in the ruckus. And even in the after discussion, Rio, Aari are discussing and but Anitha is just there only to wait for the chance to make her point. She loses it after a point of time as both the men keep hogging her presence. She feels she needs to make a point but she says she is never given the chance since the day 1. Not to mention, she is one of the people trending in this season. But she feels she is never given the chance to express what she wants to say and that’s often misinterpreted and she feels that her true talent never shines.

She finally didn’t make any point but like a child she cries and says Bala, a younger guy than her, is given more credibility than an experienced journalist like her who has the world news at the tip of her finger. She doesn’t want to be treated like a coy female nor like a imbecile woman but a string independent woman who has everything to offer to the table of discussion. Her intentions are valid but she never makes her point that she wants to make. Bala makes a point how the contestants walk around the egg shells with fellow people while playing the game and also not to offend them. Bala thinks this kind of game gets dirty but they fear to make their hands dirty.
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