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Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Day 17, Written Updates

Luxury task of the week continues today too. The team plays each other from the other side today. The demons become the rulers and the rulers become the demons. They give the taste of their own medicine to the demons. Suresh’s team becomes the rulers of the fictional kingdom. Velmurugan and Nisha team becomes the demons. They first face Archana as their opponent from the Kingdom team. The demons try all their best to make Archana flinch but she succeeds.
Secondly, they face Aari. They again try all their best effort to make him move. It’s needed to mention they handle a lot of awful tricks that are quite challenging. They play with the smelling sense and hearing sense to make their opponent move. In the event, they squeeze an Orange fruit and the citric juice fell in Aari eyes. He loses his temper at this unfair game tricks but he ended up losing as Bigg Boss declares the win for the demons. Then they face Gaby and Ramesh. Both of them gives their best and bring wins for their team. Ramesh has to be mentioned for this unflinching effort to withstand all the tricks and troubles.
In the middle of the game, during the breaks, Shivani and Bala were playing around the house to keep the sprays and other accessories the demons use as part of their game tricks. In the event of it, they spill the chilly powder in the house which could have been fatal as it could have gone into some ones eyes. Som comes to cleans it for that Archana refutes him to do anything more.
In the middle of the game, there are a lot of name calling happened by Suresh at the demons team. He especially called Sanam, a ghost and not a woman. He gets into the game spirit and tries to chase Nisha with broomstick as he says ghosts fear broomsticks. He has this long pole in his hand, with which, he taps the other team at the people who are at his arm’s length. Aajeedh comes as next. During this time of the game, Suresh’s pole hit Sanam in her forehead. Sanam loses her temper and begins to shout at Suresh for his unfair, undignified game. Suresh apologize for his behaviour and says he wasn’t aware that it was Sanam who he tapped as there was a hide. Archana makes sure he apologise to everyone with who he was playfully tapping and calling names. Archana warned him and still the game spirit got over him. Aajeedh is declared as the loser and joins the demon team.
Once the game is over, Suresh apologize to Nisha, Ramya and Sanam for his actions. Bala from his own team too firmly says what Suresh did was wrong. Suresh wants to talk to Bigg Boss. He says he wants to be evicted for his actions as it should be an example for the other contestants. He is disheartened at his own irrational behavior and says he did it unknowingly. But he says he deserves to get punished. He is broken down and starts sobbing uncontrollably. Bigg Boss tells him not to worry if he didn’t do anything knowingly. He says his game is being watched and audiences will decide who stays and who doesn’t. Bigg Boss encourages Suresh to find peace at his own mind.
Suresh, Anitha, Bala, Aajeedh and Aari are the people who are nominated for this week’s eviction. Two more days to go to see who gets saved among them.
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