Eeswaran Movie Review!

Eeswaran is supposed to be STR’s comeback film. Comeback, a sort of, not only because of his physical transformation but also the way he looks all sober and energetic. Yes, he does looks like the man whom we saw in his early films like Kuthu or Dhum. This film is more like Kuthu-ish STR playing the Eeswaran.

When Kuthu came, STR was known for those finger movements and all, it did work like a gem among his fans. He was larger than life character in most of the films with some punch line which were mostly Dhanush-bashing.

Now, Kuthu was decades ago. We used to see almost every star doing something crazy like that. Again, it was DECADES ago. Since then, cinema moved on-well, in a way, yes. We began to see more content-oriented stories, we began to see the stars coming out of their comfort zone hand-picking films that worked for them.

STR, however, seems like time-travelled to that decade not only to look like that but pulled off something similar to that. If you had seen the trailer, the film had nothing special to offer, but it was just an extension of not only the content but also how it would make us all feel.

If you had grown up watching KTV, you would have seen enough of those rural subject films. Take some of the contents, mix it up and you get Eeswaran. The film has nothing new to offer. Even you will get to see Bharathiraja, but the thing is he is acting here. In fact, he did do an excellent job compared to others.

Other than that, most part of the film, you would go adeiiii because of the content and writing which literally looks like my last-minute exam preparations. Oh, you should see my papers!

STR is a better actor than these finger movement or being that man-child. He is severely under-utilized once again and the film looks like it was taken in a hurry so that the people can talk about his physical transformation.

Of course, if that is the main aim, the film works well. STR looks good but that’s the major plus or positive of the film. Of course, Bharathiraja and a few scenes from Bala Saravanan and then Kaali Venkat. Other than that, most of the comedy just fall flat with those mokka jokes and it is force-fed too. Manoj Bharathiraja is a pleasant surprise. The villain and other actors have done their roles well but it looks average or below average because of the writing.

Heroines… Misfit. You actually would have got a glimpse of their role during the audio launch of the film where the director (literally) harassed the heroine while she was talking on the mic. You get to see an extension of the same. Also, I still wonder why we get to see women from different states playing these characters when you obviously know that they are going to be a misfit here.

The film is a usual story with same predictable twists and we get to see the same old flashbacks, the cliche moments and oh, there is this astrologer who predicts everything and his predictions plays a huge role in the film.

This is a film where you shouldn’t miss the initial scene because that is probably the best. Eeswaran’s intro does make us root for him and other than that, there are a few good scenes that do work.

Of course, the film isn’t super bad. It might satisfy some of the fans who are still living in that Kuthu timeline. Also, it will satisfy the fans who are in just to watch STR. If you are one of them, you might enjoy it as well.

STR is better than this and he deserved a better “comeback”. Having said that, this film is super good and tolerable considering his recent films- AAA, Vandha Raajava dhaan Varuven.

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