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In conversation with Akshay Parthasarathy

Akshay_Partha, an active Instagram entertainer, post music videos with his lovely grandmother. He and his expressive grandma have won many hearts on social media with their meticulous effort to entertain their ardent fans. Akshay is an advocate by profession and an enthusiastic entertainer in the presence of his grandma.

1) Among your busy schedule as an advocate by profession, let us know how this idea dawned on you to entertain yourself?

Initially, I was doing these Tik Tok videos by myself whenever I get free time in between my study time. Through that, I got a chance to act in a TV show. Later, I started this musically and still did it individually. When I started to do the videos with my grandma playfully for the first time, It unbelievably went viral across the states.

2) What kind of songs and methods do you choose to feature in your videos?

We choose it very randomly. We don’t spend time planning and choose for it. We record it whenever we have the time. And we are cautious about what we offer to entertain our audiences. Hence we choose materials that don’t showcase anything vulgar.

3) Among many negative stuffs, we come across on social media, You guys have won many hearts with the happiness you spread through your work. How do you see it?

I have received many emotional messages which say that they enjoy seeing me and my grandma. They love our combination. Many of them told me that they have started to spend more time with their grandparents. They say they have started to respect and notice their presence. Some of them share how unfortunate to have missed such golden times with their own grandparents when they were alive. I’m glad I’m entertaining these people and in some way, I play a part in their life to make them see what’s more important.

4) How difficult was it to take the ban on Tiktok?

It was a bit difficult. Since Insta Reels came, We started to entertain people there too. I’m glad and grateful that we are able to continue to entertain ourselves and the people who follow our work.

5) Many Indian celebrities are big fans of your work. They have shared your value of entertainment and be a part to acknowledge with their little effort. Do you have any such unforgettable moments?

When Vidya Balan mam shared our work, It was extremely surreal. Recently, Top Tucker song, which featured Yuvan Shankar Raja, Rashmika Mandanna, and Badsha in it, went viral across the states. Indian Rapper Badshah shared our video and it was telecasted on many news channels. Many South Indian celebrities have showered their love for our work and shared our videos on social media.

6) When you go out in public, have you got recognized and experienced any big unforgettable, fan moment?

My grandma and I haven’t gone out together. But I, myself, have experienced such little fan moments. When we both go out, I suppose my grandma would also enjoy that nice experience. We are looking forward to that and record that experience as a video as well.

Thank you so much!

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