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Katrina Kaif helps 100 background dancers to get back on feet

Coronavirus pandemic is severe in a lot of states in India, especially Mumbai. Due to the lock-down, there are no film shoots or any such activities are currently happening. This means the people a lot of daily workers who depend on the film shoots are without jobs.

Background dancers don’t have financial support if there is no film. There are a lot of dancers who have to take up different jobs and are finding it difficult even for survival.

The actors and other celebrities are coming forward to help the people in these tough times and Katrina Kaif is one of them.

The actor has financially helped more than 100 background dancers. The dancers have utilized the money to start small businesses like tiffin services, vegetable services and so on. One of the senior dancers, Hetal, has used the money to fund her business of selling vegetable to societies. She told to TOI, “I go to the APMS Market in Vashi every morning to buy vegetable and sell those to local societies.”

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