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Supermachans turn 6 | Chennaiyin FC

It would have been a normal Friday afternoon for many of us, but for hundreds of homeless people, it was a day of blessing as they all received food packets from the hands of the volunteers of “Supermachans”- The official Recognized Fan Club of Chennaiyin FC.

Speaking of Chennaiyin FC, 28th of August is an Auspicious Day for the Football Club based in Chennai, as it is its 6th birthday today. Ever since the Football Club was formed on 28th August 2014, exactly 6 years ago today, many Football enthusiasts have shown their support for the club and that lead the way to the formation of a fan club known as the “Supermachans”.

Now,the readers may be wondering what does a Football Fan club have to do with the distribution of food to the needy. Well that’s where their specialty lies. Apart from supporting their favorite Football club on and off the field, they have also been involved in many of Non Football activities. For Instance, on the same day last year (August 28th 2019), they went to an orphanage in Adyar to celebrate the Club’s 5th birthday with the lovely little toddlers.

And the year before that (28th August 2018),they gave away new footballs to those who were in need of them, but couldn’t afford them due to their financial situations.
They have also won the “Best Volunteers” Award for their voluntary work in the SOIFC (Special Olympics) event that took place in our Chennai city last year.

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On the occasion of Chennaiyin FC's 6th year anniversary, the Supermachans did their part in giving back to the society by distributing 1000 packets of food to the old and underprivileged citizens of Chennai. The Supermachans managed to collect around 20,000 rupees for this social act through donations from over 50 people. The Supermachans would like to convey their appreciation and thank the donors who contributed generously for this cause, especially the Supermachans from Singapore who contributed almost half of the total funds. Our heartfelt gratitude and a big shout out to Unavu – FoodForAll, the local NGO who have been involved in this activity for quite a while now. You guys are truly an inspiration to everyone. Around 15 volunteers spent almost 4 hours under the city's hot and humid weather in collecting the food packets and distributing these packets across Egmore, Marina, Alwarpet and Mint area in the city. A big salute to these dedicated Supermachans who stepped forward and did their part in serving the Society amidst these crisis times. . #supermachans #allinforchennaiyin #6uyirchennaiyin #6yearsofchennaiyin @chennaiyinfc @indiansuperleague @unavu_foodforall

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Coming Back to Today (28th August 2020), The Supermachans decided to celebrate their Favourite Club’s Birthday once again not by organizing any expensive event, but by collecting funds from Their Fellow Supermachans’ families and giving away nearly 1000 food packets for those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.
12 Volunteers From the Supermachans distributed these Food packets all across the North Chennai region, and resolving their hunger for atleast one day.

Another question that arises normally is: What does this Fan club gain out of this? We asked this question to a member of the Supermachans and this was his reply: “The happiness and joy on the faces of the people when they receive these food packets, and their blessings, are more valuable to us than anything in this world”.

“We are not doing this for money or fame or any personal gain. We are doing this with the sole motive of helping people and doing our part in making the world a better place“ replied another.

It restores our faith in humanity to know that there are souls like these who are reaching out to help the people in need, while coming together to support their Football club, and lets hope they continue this wonderful journey for many years to come.

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